Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Ring Ouzel at KGV Reservoir, Chingford

Two recent trips to Blows Down in Bedfordshire and Wanstead Flats in London had both failed to locate any Ring Ouzels.
This morning another Ring Ouzel was found at KGV Reservoir in Chingford. Parking up in the car park,   uncertain of which area the Ring Ouzel had been found in we headed round the South end of South basin, two Little Ringed Plover were seen flying from the near bank and three Wheatear were found in the grass banks as we approached the causeway.

I headed off around the West side of North basin, only to be told that the Ring Ouzel that had been quite happily feeding below the grass bank along the fence line had been flushed by two guys in a land rover, who had parked on the grass bank right where the Ring Ouzel had been feeding! Having scanned the sheep fields and surrounding area I failed to re-locate the bird.
The walk back produced several more Wheatear, a white Wagtail and a year tick in the form of a Willow Warbler. 
Heading for home a phone call from Neville Smith saying he had re-found the Ring Ouzel saw us turn round and head for the back of the sheep fields.
Shortly before arriving a short shower had pushed the bird into cover and was not visible when we arrived. Scanning the area a bird flew from a near by tree and landed at the bottom of the grass slope, and bingo! Ring Ouzel added to the year list.
Thanks to Neville for sending the below photo's!

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