Saturday 27 February 2021

Two Lockdown surprises within a week

The last week has produced two major surprises on the birding front. With Covid restrictions still very much in place, I was sitting at home wondering what to do when news broke of three Velvet Scoters present at King George reservoir! Within minutes I was unlocking the reservoir gates and heading up the ramp. Several scans later and two of the Scoters were found. They were at the North end of the South basin and always remained distant. I managed to grab a distant record shot with my phone held to the scope.

Two of the three Velvet Scoter

On the walk back to the car park the third Velvet Scoter was found along with a smart-looking male Scaup.


This morning a text from Brian alerted me to the presence of a Great White Egret at the Gunpowder Park. Walking along the footpath one of the Short-eared Owls was spotted and after reaching the second bridge the Great White Egret was quickly located among the reeds.

Great White Egret