Saturday 14 November 2015

Crag Martin Chesterfield's Crooked Spire

It's rare for us to break our own self imposed two hour driving distance twitch, today was one of those day's!
A Crag Martin first seen on the 8th was again reported as present yesterday at 1.40pm. Having had no further reports after that time, we decided it was still well worth making the trip this morning. The 150 mile journey took two and a half hours and we parked up in the pay and display car park around 8.30.
The roads around the Church of St Mary and All Saints were lined with birders as were the car parks. All that was needed now was the bird to show! Unfortunately the next two and a half hours were spent scanning the crooked spire and surrounding areas without any sign of the bird.
Frustrated with the no show birders started to drift away, only for the bird to suddenly appear circling the crooked spire ten minutes later.
Dad had decided to take a look around the church and of course that is when the bird made it's appearance!
As Brian phoned him, we spotted him across the road in the church grounds watching the bird.
A cheer from the assembled crowds greeted the bird, no doubt in relief as much as anything. Birders re-appeared from all surrounding roads to enjoy great views. 

Church of St Mary and All Saints