Thursday 25 March 2021

Iceland Gull, Wanstead

On Tuesday the 23rd an Iceland Gull had been reported at Wanstead. Thinking it would be a very brief visit, I thought my chance of seeing it had gone. But it was again reported the next morning and Brian managed a quick visit and added it to his year list. 

I had recently spent four days in Wanstead hospital and was due a follow-up appointment today, so my thinking was if the bird was again present I would try to see it before or after my check-up. An early check on the news services and the gull was again being reported on Alexandra Lake. The lake is right next to the car park and thus would involve no walking. Dad and I arrived as the gates to the car park were being opened and I scanned the lake from the car while waiting. The Iceland Gull was the first bird I saw! 

Iceland Gull

It was soon flushed but flew out over the football pitches and eventually landed among the Black-headed Gulls.