Sunday 16 June 2024

Quail and Spotted Flycatchers

Brian asked Dad if he wanted to spend Father's Day morning birding. With other family members due to visit in the afternoon we stayed relatively close to home. We set off for Upper Ray Meadows in Buckinghamshire where a Quail had been heard singing in the meadow since the 15th. We pulled up by the specified gate and when Brian got out of the car he could hear the bird singing. Before we could join him at the gate the bird had gone quiet! Thankfully half an hour later the Quail started singing again. 

Upper Ray Meadows, view from the gate

We moved closer to home and visited Wilstone Reservoir, hoping to find Spotted Flycatchers. We had heard that a pair had been present around Cemetery Corner of the reservoir. Swifts were present in large numbers, flying low across adjoining fields and then heading out across the reservoir. 

We took the footpath between the trees and soon had our first views of a Spotted Flycatcher, giving us all another year list addition.

Spotted Flycatcher

We returned home in plenty of time for Dad to receive visits from other family members in the afternoon.

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