Sunday 5 May 2024

Woodchat Shrike, Rainham Marshes

A Woodchat Shrike was discovered at Rainham Marshes today. It's only twenty miles from home, a journey that would normally take thirty minutes took nearer to fifty minutes due to the Friday afternoon traffic. The latest reports suggested the bird was along the path close to shooting Butts hide. From the visitor centre, it's a walk to the furthest point on the reserve of about a mile. We passed several birders as we made our way along the path, and received positive news that the bird was still present. As we joined the small group of birders already present, the Shrike was spotted among the bramble bushes at the side of the footpath. We watched the shrike for a couple of hours, as it spent its time making small flights down to the footpath and back to the brambles. Sometimes flying further along the path and out of sight, only to return soon afterwards. 

The Woodchat Shrike was the first record for Rainham Marshes Reserve and, a new addition to my London list.


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