Saturday, 10 August 2019

Porthgwarra, Cornwall

Weather forecasts for Porthgwarra were looking very encouraging for Friday and Saturday. With that in mind, Brian hatched a plan to leave late Thursday evening and arrive on-site at first light. We arrived to find the car park already filling up fast. Leaving the car park we made the climb up and along the coastal path and managed to find a spot among the growing group of birders. It was a slow start, but the forecast was as predicted (Southerly winds with up to 50mph gusts). We put in a six-hour session and bagged our first-ever views of Sooty Shearwater along with Manx and Balearic Shearwaters. Several Bonxies passed through along with a single Arctic Skua.

The pinnacles at the sea watching viewing area

Some of the birders at the view-point
I think some of these birders actually live at these rocks!

The cafe at Porthgwarra

After some refreshments from the cafe, We spent the afternoon trying and failing to locate Cornish Choughs. Firstly along the coastal path at Porthgwarra and later at Lizard Point and Kynance Cove.

Saturday morning began with another session at Porthgwarra. But movement was much slower than expected and we only managed sightings of the same species we had seen the previous day. We left at 11am with a long journey home ahead of us. On the way, we popped into Labrador Bay hoping to see some Cirl Buntings. 

Labrador Bay

A short walk from the car park was rewarded with sightings of at least six birds.

Cirl Bunting

Stonehenge was on the route home and having never visited the site before I was pleased when we stopped for a short break alongside the attraction.


I ended the trip with a lifer and five-year ticks for my efforts.

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