Sunday, 21 January 2018

Little Bunting, Walthamstow Wetlands: Three Ticks in one!

The weather predictions for today were not good, with heavy rain and snow showers forecast. however, an early morning visit to Walthamstow Reservoirs/Wetlands was within easy reach and the presence of a Little Bunting was more than enough encouragement to make the trip.
Pulling into the reservoir car park around 8am, we were told the new site doesn't open until 9.30! Luckily we had our Thames Water permit allowing us access.
We began the search from the raised banks of East Warwick reservoir, where the presence of a male Sparrowhawk perched in a Willow tree above the favoured feeding area proved a bit of a double-edged sword, needed for a year tick, it was, however, stopping the buntings from feeding. Luckily after 10-15 minutes, it left and the buntings became more active. After an hours searching and scanning Brian spotted a likely candidate fly in. After relocating to a lower area the bird was found perched in the scrub that borders Coppermill Stream. One bird providing me with three ticks, Year, London and Essex!

Little Bunting

After everyone had grabbed a look through the scopes, we made a quick dash around to Reservoir 4 and quickly located the male Scaup before heading for home.

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