Saturday, 15 July 2017

Vagrant Emperor: Minsmere RSPB

While dipping the Roseate Tern at Minsmere this morning, we came across this Dragonfly very close to the footpath soon after leaving the South Hide while heading towards the sluice. After returning home I checked several online sites for an ID. Unable to confirm the species I posted the photo below on Twitter asking for help. The replies all seemed to confirm it to be a Vagrant Emperor! 

Vagrant Emperor
The photo was taken at 9.41 this morning and I have included two maps below of the reserve and the area where I took the photograph using my iphone.

PS: I was asked to submit the sighting to the  "British Dragonfly Society Migrant Dragonfly Project & Suffolk Dragonfly Recorder" Adrian Parr.

Below is the reply I received from Adrian.

Hi James,
Many thanks indeed for the photo and information. Yes, this is a female Vagrant Emperor - congratulations on the find! Nationally, there were several individuals of this rare migrant seen back in the early spring, but things then went quiet for a while. The last few days have however clearly seen a further small influx (in addition to your sighting, a male was reported from north Yorkshire a few days ago). It's interesting how the most recent arrivals of this primarily Afro-tropical species have been at a time of relatively nondescript weather.
Thanks again for everything, and all best wishes. Have a good summer.
A.J. Parr
(British Dragonfly Society Migrant Dragonfly Project & Suffolk Dragonfly Recorder)

PPS: The Vagrant Emperor reported today on Birdguides.

Insect News: Suffolk, a female Vagrant Emperor dragonfly at Minsmere RSPB yesterday

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