Saturday, 13 February 2016

Grime's Graves Great Grey Shrike

Setting off this morning we had two targets in mind. First up was a visit to Lackford Lakes hoping to connect with the long staying Long-tailed Duck. Having been present since the 4th November we were optimistic as 
we walked the paths from the visitor centre. Scanning each body of water from each hide, enjoying good views of at least three Kingfishers, and several pairs of Goldeneye but failed to locate the target bird. Walking back along the grass track past the Atlas hide I got the bins up to watch a male Goldeneye fly across the lake and as I did the Long-tailed Duck popped up on the far edge of the lake near a small island. Having enjoyed some good scope views in between lengthy dives we headed for the car park.
The second target was another long staying bird, the Great Grey Shrike at Grime's Graves. Having Parked up opposite the gate, we headed off down the path towards the second gate and began scanning the meadow. An hours search produced several Stonechat and a flock of at least nine Yellowhammers. Having almost given up on the shrike dad spotted it tucked into a small bush. Shortly afterwards it re-located to a more open area.

Great Grey Shrike

 Both visits had proved frustrating but both had ended with good views of both the target birds.

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