Saturday, 5 September 2015

Barred Warbler, Staines Moor

Staines Moor's first ever record of Barred warbler found by Lee Dingain on the 2nd September!
With reports that the bird was still present yesterday evening and weather reports predicting overcast conditions through the night, it was time to make the fifty mile trip early this morning.
The journey was straight forward enough, and we were parked up in Hithermoor Road in Staines Moor Village and heading off along the Colne Valley Way footpath.
After a longer walk than was anticipated, we crossed the slippery boardwalk and the first wooden bridge before heading over the concrete bridge and finally across the second wooden bridge. We joined two birders already on site and after walking round to join a third birder we were pleased to hear the bird had already been seen briefly among the Hawthorn bushes. Confirmed by a photo on the back of his camera. 
Movement within the Hawthorns got us excited briefly, but when it showed itself it was a Blackcap. Shortly afterwards another bird flies in from the left hand bush. It stays hidden only giving brief glimpses within the bush as it  moves through it. But the views are enough to be sure that it's the Barred! Suddenly it pops up and gives very good views before it flies right and lands on the edge of the next Hawthorn bush.Again it gives good if brief views before diving deeper into cover. We got a few more flight views of the bird as it made it's way along the line of bushes but it never showed in the open again.
The next couple of hours proved very frustrating, A Red Kite appeared over the Moor and a single yellow wagtail flew through but no sign of the Barred. There were plenty of birders arriving during this time to join the search, but we left without any more sightings of the bird.

Below is a map for anyone unsure of how to reach the area.

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