Sunday, 6 October 2013

Lesser Grey Shrike, Capel Fleet. Kent

This morning I decided to wait and see if the Lesser Grey Shrike had stuck overnight before making the trip.

At 7.54 this morning the news I wanted to hear came through. The shrike had stayed overnight and was showing well again at Capel Fleet.
With Brian having already seen the Leiston bird, it's just the two of us this morning who set off in pursuit of the bird.
After the 62 mile drive we are driving along Harty Ferry Road looking for the reported wooden bridge that needs crossing. As luck would have it a car pulls out just as we pull up and the spot is bagged in quick time.
The wooden bridge is in the field alongside the road, and access is via a metal gate that leads to a public footpath. What we didn't know at the time was that after crossing the wooden bridge and climbing the grass bank we would have to walk across a ploughed field. A quick look along the grass path on the other side pin-pointed where all the birders were gathered, and we quickly made our way towards them.
Stopping close to the first person along the line I'm pleased to see it's Howard from Rainham Marshes RSPB. It's always a pleasure to meet Howard and he soon had us on the shrike in no time.
A stunning looking bird, it's busy feeding and spends it's time either perched atop of one of the bushes or down on the ground in search of food items.
Saying goodbye to Howard who has to leave, we walk further along the grass path and join the group at the end of the line.
A very good move as the shrike flies straight to the top of the nearest bush to us and gives terrific views. The scope is filled with Lesser Grey Shrike and it gave stunning views.
While enjoying views of the shrike an added bonus arrives in the form of two Lapland Buntings that fly across the field calling overhead.
A life tick and two year ticks added today.

If only those Two-barred's would show themselves when I am down there at Lynford.
With news of them showing well again today, I'm going to have to have another go soon and hope for better luck when I do.

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