Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Badgers atThe British Wildlife Centre

Having been interested in wildlife all my life, I find it incredible that I have never managed to see a Badger alive in the wild.
The closest I've got to seeing one is when  I have come across one laying motionless by the side of the road, sadly an all too frequent occurrence.

So when I approached the Badger enclosure it was no great surprise to find it devoid of Badgers.
But after wondering off to look at the snake pens, I gave a quick glance over the side of the Badger pen and was shocked to see a Badger wondering around it's enclosure.

Sadly with the current cull taking place in parts of the country, far fewer badgers will be alive in the wild.

A cull that is ill conceived and ill advised.
A cull that is widely condemned by leading scientists.
The Isle of man has no Badgers yet bovine TB has been present.

This cull makes no sense, has no credibility or scientific basis.
Yet it's still taking place.

And we call ourselves a nation of animal lovers!!

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