Monday, 23 September 2013

Otter's at The British Wildlife Centre.

Until two years ago I had never seen a wild Otter in Britain. 
It was not until I made a trip to Scotland and while tucking into a takeaway in a car park overlooking a bay, I saw my first wild Otters.

That was in 2012 and this year I was lucky enough to visit a site in England that held two Otters. This proved to be quite a close encounter, with the Otters showing no fear of any of the people standing along the river bank. They would come out of the water and sniff around peoples feet, before sliding back into the water and swimming off down stream.

The British Wildlife Centre had Otters. In fact they had three separate pens for them and an indoor holt.
The holt was housed in a small wooden structure, it had two holts and one of these had an Otter tucked down inside it.
If this wasn't good enough just outside were the open pens that housed Otters in each one.
The first pen contained an Otter that was quite confiding.

Having walked round once, we decided we would make a second trip round. Heading straight for the Otters enclosures.
Reaching the middle pen there were two Otters splashing about in the water.
The light wasn't good, but some photos had to be taken.

The start of the fight

Getting a little heated

A sneaky attack

Is this getting serious?

All seems calm again.

The next entry will feature two species I have never seen in the wild, and probably never will.

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