Saturday, 1 June 2013

Savi's Warbler, Lakenheath

With a Savi's Warbler having spent its seventh day at Lakenheath yesterday, we decide to make the 70-mile trip this morning.
Arriving just after 7am, we head for the reserve centre and take the path leading down towards Trial Wood, Shortly after reaching the junction at the far end of Trial Wood and New Fen a reeling Grasshopper Warbler is heard.
Heading up along the track we take the left-hand path and midway behind Trial Wood and Joist Fen we spot a small group of birders.
Before reaching this area the Savi's starts to reel. Having just heard Grasshopper Warbler reeling it was quite easy to separate it from the Savi's.
The Savi's reeling being slightly lower and briefer to my ears anyway.
After reaching the area where the bird had been seen most often, It's pleasing to see the bird sitting up in full view. Allowing for some great scope views.
The bird would briefly appear near the top of the reeds and start "reeling" and then move lower down into the reeds, only to reappear near the tops and reel again.

Savi's Warbler

The only other Savi's I've seen in the UK was back in 2009 on my local patch Lee Valley CP. Today's bird was much showier.

The statue along the entrance track
While watching the Savi's, three Bitterns were seen flying together over Joist Fen. Bearded tits were also heard "pinging" in the reedbeds further along the track.
At Joist Fen there were sightings of several Marsh harriers.

There were no sightings today of the Golden Orioles, and reports from the site suggest there's not much singing at all taking place this year. Making it even more difficult to locate these birds.
According to reserve staff, there is a pair of Orioles on site.

Heading back towards the reserve centre the Gropper was still "reeling" as we approached. A quick scan of the reeds and there it was in full view perched at the top of a single reed stem. A scan across New fen produced some superb views of a single Red Kite and Hobby. Along with plenty of Swifts. 

Views of another Bittern flying low across the reeds behind us was a good ending to the morning.

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