Saturday, 29 June 2013

Melodious Warbler, Tiln GP Notts

A Melodious Warbler found at Tiln GP in Nottingham on the 21st, and still present today.
Having arrived home from work yesterday feeling slightly under the weather, and then reading that Brian had already made the trip that morning. Pleased that he'd seen it, I didn't give the bird too much more thought.
So meeting Brian this morning it proves difficult to decide where to head for. Checking the news services before leaving didn't throw up too many ideas. So reaching the motorway turn off at Waltham Abbey, we find ourselves driving round the roundabout still undecided.
After three trips round the roundabout, Brian decides to take the motorway turnoff, and somehow he's heading back towards Nottingham.
Having only made the trip yesterday he knows the route, and 146 miles later we are turning onto Tiln Lane and parking up on the grass verge just past the double metal gates.
It's an easy enough walk straight through the gates, follow the track until you come to the wooden gate that allows access for the fishermen to the lake, then carry on past this gate for c50m.
Leaving Essex at 6am there had been no news on the bird for the entire journey, With this bird normally being reported early most mornings it wasn't looking or feeling to good.
These fears were however quickly forgotten, as we were greeted by a loud burst of song from the Melodious Warbler. The small group of birders present had been hearing it singing regularly, but were finding it harder to pin down it's location.

Shortly afterwards it's spotted in the tallest tree a metre from the top but well tucked in. Within the 2-3 hours spent watching and listening to the bird, it never sat up to give clear views for the camera.
Good views were had through the bins but there always seemed to be some branch or other in the way for the camera.

From here with the weather showing signs of improving, we make the short trip to Wellbeck and stop at the Raptor Watchpoint hoping for a sighting of Honey Buzzard.

New sign added to nearby tree

After 3 hours of scanning we head for home, having had plenty of Common Buzzard sightings, 2-3 distant possible Honey Buzzard sightings and a much more likely looking sighting when one appeared and was quickly mobbed by the local crows. A Goshawk was called, but was not confirmed and a couple of Hobbies were seen hawking.

A new bird added to my life list today, and another pint I need to buy Brian for getting me there.
A small price to pay.
Thanks mate.

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