Thursday, 20 June 2013

West Stow, Suffolk, Nightjars and Woodcocks

A text from Brian to say he's heading for the Brecks in search of Nightjars and do I fancy it? My reply is only to ask what time. 
So at 8pm we are heading towards the Brecks, and a spot we visited last year. Arriving shortly after 9pm to find a small group of birders already present.
The weather forecast is looking good for Nightjars and walking along the tracks the area is also looking good for the birds.
Shortly before 9.30pm the first Woodcock is seen. It would be the first of more than  a dozen seen before we leave.
As the light goes, Tawny Owls become vocal, with at least three birds heard from different parts of the forest. Then a Little Owl starts to call, it's my first of the year and it's  very welcome.
A little after 10pm and a Nightjar starts "churring". Several Nightjars are heard from different parts of the forest, but there's no sightings of any birds.
Walking the tracks heading back towards the car, we spot two Nightjars close by. Wing clapping as they fly across our path.
A very enjoyable evening spent among some very special birds.

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