Tuesday, 5 June 2012

It's a struggle on the patch

The last of the Bank holidays, So it's up early and out on the patch. With Fisher's Green's gates locked and the farm gate also locked, I have to park back at the start of the entrance track.
Leaving the car I head off towards the farm, Stopping at the barns to check for Turtle Doves, There's none seen, But the sight of a Red-legged Partridge on the barn roof was a bit of a surprise.
I head East along the edge of the first field. I can already hear Yellowhammers singing and locate one high up in a tree soon after. There's also Common Whitethroats and Blackcaps singing nearby.
Scanning the fields there's no sign on any Little Owls at their normal spot, But the presence of a Common Buzzard perched on a telegraph pole nearby may be the reason why.
I retrace my steps back to the farm car park and from here make my way to the goose fields. The first field holds a large number of Canada Geese, and I count sixty seven youngsters amongst the flock. On the small pool of water there's only four lapwings (two of which are youngsters) and a single Redshank.
Common Blue Damselfly
The second field is also quiet with only a pair of Lapwing and a Little Grebe of any note. 
Looking out of the Grand Weir hide there's a few Common Terns flying across the water and a couple more perched on the posts close to the weir.
I'm about to leave when I decide to have one last scan of the goose fields. It proves to be a good move as an Oystercatcher flies in and starts feeding on the grass. It's my first patch tick of the day, and will prove to be the only new tick .
At langridge there's plenty of Swifts and Swallows in the air and a pair of Shelduck on the water. Although it's bright the wind is blowing, So not good for butterflies. With only a couple of Speckled Woods seen, Plus a few Common Blue Damselflies around.
I was hoping it would be more productive, But it's still good to be out and it sure beats working.

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