Sunday, 6 May 2012

A weekend in Cymru:

Having picked Rob up on route, We set off for Wales shortly after 9.30. With the traffic flowing nicely, We make good time. The only hold up coming when we join the queues at the Severn Bridge toll booths.
Before driving to our accommodation, We make a pre-planned detour to the Red Kite feeding station at Llanddeusant. The kites are starting to gather around the feeding area well before the scheduled 3pm feeding time, giving great aerial views even before we head through  the gate. We pay the £3 entrance fee and take our place outside the main hide ready for the action to start.
The guy starts to spread out the scraps of meat in front of the hide and everyone present waits for the kites to start to come in.
This year the guy had cut the grass and removed some of the fencing around the main feeding area, which meant we got even better views of the kites as they came in for the free meal.
Having visited this site for the last two years it amazes me how many people leave after the initial feeding has taken place. If they were to wait around for a while longer they would be treated to some fantastic views of these magnificent birds as they compete for the scraps that are left, with birds locking talons in an attempt to steal the food from the bird that plucked it from the ground. But after 15-20 minutes it's just us and one other person left to enjoy the spectacle.
We count around fifty birds in the air, which may not match the numbers seen at Gigrin farm, but it's still a fantastic show and the best £3 I will spend this year. It's just an amazing spectacle that I never tire of seeing. 
It's around 5pm when we finally drag ourselves away, and head for our three bed apartment, Which is in fact a single family room at the local Travelodge in Pembroke Docks. But it does the job and we don't intend  spending much time inside when there's so much beautiful scenery and birds to see. We are hoping the weather remains good for tomorrow as a visit to Skomer Island is planned.

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