Saturday, 3 September 2016

Osprey: Panshanger Park, Hertfordshire

Normally a trip to Scotland or a trip to the Birdfair at Rutland would guarantee an Osprey. Unfortunately neither of these trips have taken place this year, so with time running out to see one this year we took a trip to Panshanger Park, hoping it's three day stay would be prolonged by at least one more day. A short trip of 20 miles along the M25 getting off at junction 25 onto the A10 and along the A414 on to Thieves Lane. 

We visited each of the three lakes before returning to the Western end of Osprey Lake and took up a position on the small viewing platform.
We scanned the skies and all the trees bordering the lake without any sign of the bird. Then shortly after 10am an elderly lady pointed out what she thought was a Buzzard, high above the trees in the distance. Having managed to find it in the scope it soon became apparent that it was the Osprey. It circled round behind the trees only to re-emerge above the trees mobbed by a Buzzard! The Osprey drifted away to the East and was lost to view.
We were just thinking of making a move for home when the Osprey re-appeared. This time somewhat closer, it drifted close enough to get some nice views through the bins and I managed a couple of rather poor efforts with the camera after I remembered I actually had the camera with me!


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