Sunday, 17 January 2016

Golden Pheasant finally shows itself!

Undecided on where to go this morning we found ourselves back at Flitcham and yet another try for the pallid Harrier! Even arriving at first light to optimise our chances we failed miserably. Six visits, six no shows. On the plus side there were a few good birds that did appear. Barn Owl, Merlin, Buzzard, Grey and Red-legged partridge, Brambling and Tree Sparrow were all noted.
After a few hours of searching for the Pallid Harrier it was beginning to feel all to familiar. We decided to head to Wolferton and hope the Golden Pheasant would show itself this morning. We parked up on the North West side of the triangle allowing us good views along the verges.
Having had as much luck with the Pheasant as the Pallid Harrier we wasn't feeling very optimistic, but Brian soon noticed movement at the edge of the Rhododendrons, at first just the golden head was visible but soon it emerged to feed at the roadside.

We returned to Flitcham, but again there was no sign of the Pallid, so we headed for home. The fields around Welney held flocks of feeding Whooper Swans, and a brief stop at Pymoor produced distant views of both Whooper and Bewick's Swans.

Very distant Whooper Swans


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