Monday, 5 January 2015

Slavonian Grebe, Wanstead Park

News came through via Twitter of the Slavonian Grebe still being present at Wanstead Park, so we thought it was time to pay it a visit.
The morning was grey and overcast, but at least it was dry. 
Arriving on site shortly after 9am, we parked up close to the entrance on Northumberland Avenue, and were scanning Heronry Pond straight away.
The grebe was spotted almost immediately, distantly along the far edges of the pond, it kept close to the margins and would disappear from view into water side willows.
As we waited for the grebe to re-emerge a kingfisher flashed past and landed in the same area as the grebe.

As the grebe swam out from cover, it got harassed by a Common Gull and fled off towards the furthest end of the pond.
We started to walk around to try to re-locate the bird, but having got half way round the pond, I re-found it back in the corner we had just rounded.
It then gave superb views as it swam around within feet of the pond's edges.
I managed a few shots, before it swam further away and rounded the corner and out of view.

 A cracking bird and another great find by Nick Croft.

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