Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Nightjar and Woodcock in the Brecks

Arriving at the Breckland site around 9pm the first bird seen and heard was a displaying Woodlark. 
As the sun dropped behind the trees the first Woodcock was picked up flying across the trees tops.
Shortly afterwards the resident Tawny Owls started to call. 
In the time we spent on site views of ten Woodcocks were had, some may have been the same birds, two Woodcocks came bursting out of the forest trees chasing each other, only to separate and head off in different directions.
Close views were had of one individual as it flew below the tree line right in front of us, calling as it went.
Several large Bats were watched as they hunted around the trees, then Shortly after 10.15pm the first Nightjar was heard churring.
Within the next forty five minutes the calling became more vocal, and just as we were heading back along the track towards the car a Nightjar appeared above our heads.
Unfortunately there was no wing clapping display tonight, but it was still a great sight to be able to watch it so close, surrounded only by the sounds of the forest.

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