Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Temminck's Stint, Tyttenhanger GP's

Reports of two Temminck's Stint still present at Tyttenhanger GP's for their third day, persuaded us to make the trip.
Being only twenty four miles from home, it was no more than forty minutes before we were pulling into the fishermen's car park.
After paying the £2 car park fee and grabbing some quick directions we headed off along the footpath making our way towards the East bank.
Taking a wrong fork off the footpath saw us take the long route round, and we ended up on the top bank overlooking the spit.
A quick scope of the area produced a distant and brief view of a single Temminck's Stint before it disappeared in among the vegetation.
Carrying on round we found a path heading down towards a small group of birders, including Harry and Barry. Barry is now convinced we are stalking him!
From this viewing point much better views were had of both birds, but they would frequently disappear among the vegetation before emerging again.
Given the size of these birds any vegetation they moved into made them very difficult to pick up. While we were there the two birds were favouring the far edge of the back spit, making the birds almost impossible to pick out with the bins but when they did emerge from the vegetation some great scope views were had.

It was good to end a recent run of dipped bird trips. Red-rumped Swallow at Thamesmead missed by seconds, Red-footed Falcon at Lee Valley, although doubts have arisen since as to whether the bird was there to begin with since, and the latest a Great Reed Warbler although we didn't have much information to go on and we did get sightings of two Common Cranes and a Red Kite while on site.

The only negative from today's trip was that the birds remained well out of photography range while we were there. But given the recent dips I was just happy to see the birds.

For anyone thinking of going for these birds and who doesn't know the site, the map below may be of some help.

Tyttenhanger GP's 

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