Friday, 18 April 2014

Nightingales: A brief visit to Lee Valley

Thursday 17th April

I made a brief visit to Fisher's Green in the Lee Valley hoping to connect with Nightingales.
Upon arrival I went to an area that has been productive in recent years but all was quiet. So I continued down the path heading towards the sub station.
Chiffchaffs seemed to be calling from every tree in this area. Blackcaps were also very vocal but still no Nightingales singing. 
Further along the path I bumped into Marco who told us he had just heard one singing from the other side of the bridge.
Sure enough after reaching this point a Nightingale started to sing. As usual it proved difficult to pin down it's location. Eventually it was seen very briefly among the thicker scrub before it disappeared and was not re-found.


On the walk back towards the car park, I took the path towards the weir and  heard another 4 Nightingales singing along this stretch of scrub.
Not much time today to explore much further than this small area, as time was limited.
On the walk back a Grey Heron hung around long enough to grab a couple of shots, before it took off and headed up river.

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