Saturday, 14 December 2013

Black-throated Diver, Crumbles Pond. Eastbourne

We took a drive down to Eastbourne this morning, hoping the Black-throated Diver would still be present on Crumbles Pond in Princes park Eastbourne.
This is the same site that was graced by a Bonaparte's Gull at the start of the year.
The plan was to arrive at first light and hope the bird was still present. Unfortunately unforeseen traffic queues meant we arrived later than intended, and had to watch the sun rise while still on route.
The good news though was when we did eventually arrive the bird was still present.

A single photographer was already on site, and with what sun there was nicely behind us we sat ourselves down and waited for the bird to approach.
The bird spent much of the first 30 minutes close to the far bank, but as the park and the pond  area got busier with dog walkers the bird started to drift towards the middle of the pond.
With more and more people turning up, and walking around the concrete path the bird spent more time in the middle or far edges of the pond.
It showed no interest in the bread being thrown out by a couple of photographers that had turned up, and in fact swam away from the commotion this caused among the Black-headed Gull masses.

I managed to grab a couple of photos when the bird drifted a little closer,  but conditions were not ideal and I spent much of the time there just watching the bird through the bins.

Black-throated Diver

On the way home we stopped off at Tide Mills on the off chance that the juvenile Spoonbill may have dropped into the creek to feed.
Unfortunately there was no sign of it.

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