Thursday, 26 September 2013

British Owls

The British Wildlife Centre houses all seven species of British Owl.

Although some are more British than others, it was good to observe them at close quarters.

I managed to grab a few shots of four of the owls.

Tawny Owl

The Owls proved more difficult to photograph than most of the other animals at the centre.

Long-eared Owl
The owls were bought out into an area called "The Dell" for a display.
Five of the owls were used in the display when we were there. Of the seven owls the Little Owl and the Short-eared Owl were not flown.

Snowy Owl
A stunning bird, but difficult to get any natural looking shots given the surroundings.
There was a real shortage of natural looking perches, and half of the area would have a background of people in the shots.

Eagle Owl

I managed this shot while the bird was inside it's normal enclosure.
The rest of the Eagle Owl shots were taken during the display.

Eagle Owl

Eagle Owl

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