Monday, 5 August 2013

Sunday morning at Dungeness

Spent a relaxing if not altogether rewarding morning in terms of year ticks at Dungeness.
Arriving around 7am we headed for the beach and a bit of sea watching, The sea was calm and the sun shining.
Gannets were frequently seen passing through, and Common Scoters in good numbers were seen heading both East and West.
At "The Patch" Black-headed Gulls were by far the most numerous birds present, but after a while Sandwich and Common Terns were seen frequently diving for food.
Brian picked up single Great and Arctic Skua's on the horizon, and a single Little tern was a welcome sighting.
Arriving back at the car a nearby bramble bush was alive with Butterflies.

Painted Lady

Small Copper

Moving on to Arc Pit, we had two Garganey  a single Black-necked Grebe along with Little Ringed Plover and four Green Sandpipers. Sadly there was no sign of any of the recently reported Wood Sandpipers present.
A few familiar faces were seen throughout the morning, Paul Hawkins, Mick and Richard and Lee Brown. Who was making his first visit to Dunge.
Nice to finally meet you Lee.

A brief detour to Oare Marshes, produced impressive numbers of Black-tailed Godwits, Golden Plovers, Lapwing, Redshank and Avocets, along with Dunlin and five Curlew Sandpipers.
No sign of the Bonaparte's, but it could well have been present and asleep on one of the islands. Several scans failed to pick it out though.

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  1. Likewise Jim, good to finally catch up, see you down there again no doubt :) Lee