Saturday, 24 August 2013

Red-necked Phalarope at King George V Reservoir, Chingford

Friday morning and a familiar old story, I'm at work and a bird gets reported ten minutes from home.
In this case it's a Red-necked Phalarope found on KGV Reservoir by Harry Lacey. Brian's text at 9am adds to the frustration of not being able to go for it.
More frustration is added to this when I can finally leave for home at 3pm. I have a doctors appointment at 4.40pm.
It's a blood pressure check up, and not being able to go for the Phalarope is not helping in keeping it down.

Finally I'm given good news on the blood pressure front and at around 5.15 I can finally try for the Phalarope.
Pulling in to the car park we were met by a familiar face (David Bradnum). Before we have parked the car he has got us onto a Hobby. We set off up the slope and head past the sailing club hut heading towards the causeway. Stopping regularly to scan the South basin.
Plenty of Pied Wagtails seen with a couple of Grey Wagtails among them. Common Sandpipers were also present in good numbers, with at least eight recorded.
Reaching the causeway I had not found the Phalarope, so decided to make my way across the causeway and walk the far bank.
Making our way back along the far side, we get lucky when after meeting up with Dave Bradnum, Paul Hawkins and Dave Morrison, they get us straight onto the bird.
It remained for most of the time in the middle of the reservoir amongst a group of Black-headed Gulls. Occasionally getting flushed by a tern or gull, it would fly a short distance and then settle back down to feed or sleep.
Another bonus  here were the presence of two Black Terns, and we managed to get on them when Dave Morrison spotted them in the air at the far end of the reservoir.

Blood pressure checked and fine, and a Red-necked Phalarope in the bag ten minutes from home.
Not a bad start to a bank holiday weekend.

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