Monday, 5 August 2013

Local Little Owls

Spent Saturday morning watching the family of Little Owls close to my home.

I've still to get any shots of the birds feeding on the ground, but that will give me another reason if it was needed to return as soon as possible.

I was just getting ready to take a few shots after establishing a safe distance that the owls felt comfortable with, when a workman's tractor came crashing through the nearby trees. 
Bear in mind that this was at 6am on a Saturday morning!
He then proceeded to lift the side arm and run it straight across the top of any nearby shrubs and bushes. The noise was amplified because of how quiet it was at this time of the day. He even tried to drive the tractor across a small nearby bridge.
Eventually he seemed to get fed up and made his way back the same way he appeared.

It took another 30 minutes before the owls felt comfortable again, and finally I grabbed a few shots before heading for home.

Green Woodpecker

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