Monday, 1 April 2013

White-spotted Bluethroat, Samphire Hoe

With a female White-spotted Bluethroat having been present in Kent since the 27th March we were all set to make the trip this morning. 
News of a Pallid harrier in Surrey yesterday clouds the issue a touch, but in the end we decide to make the 90 mile trip to Kent.
Leaving at 6am we turn into the car park at Samphire Hoe CP at 7.30am. Two locals are already present but had not seen the bird yet.
One of the birders decides to walk right to view the brambles from the other side of the car park, and spots the bird straight away.

White-spotted Bluethroat
Shortly afterwards the bird makes it's way along the fence line and drops into a drainage ditch. It's a brief view but a decent view. It then decides to fly behind the only car parked on that side of the car park and into thick cover.
It then flies across the car park and into even thicker vegetation, no doubt trying to keep out of the freezing cold winds.
After another 30-40 minutes we decide to do the same and head for the comfort of the car.

Twenty seven miles down the road is Dungeness, and this is where we head towards.
Parking up close to the bird observatory, we take a walk round the moat area. Hardly a bird is seen and any that are heard are deep down in the brambles.

A drive back down towards the lighthouse is much more productive when firstly a Stonechat appears on top of some gorse and then a male Wheatear drops down in front of us.

While watching the Wheatear, several Black Redstarts appear with males and females among them.

Before heading for home we make a quick stop at the reserve. Where Tree Sparrows, Great and Blue Tits, Reed Bunting and Chaffinch were all showing well at the feeders in the car park.

Tree Sparrow

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  1. Youre Right Jim, i think my first visit to Dundeness has to come sooner rather than later

    Cheers Lee