Sunday, 14 April 2013

Firecrests at Dungeness

Another day and another trip to Dungeness.
With the weather forecast looking promising we headed down to Dungeness at 6 this morning. Pulling onto Dungeness road, we pass a car buried at the front end in the shingle.
A fisherman is alongside and about to attempt to pull the car out. With the thought in our minds that if it was us stuck there we would want someone to offer help, we turn round and head back.
With some pushing and shoving we manage to shift the car out of the shingle, My timing was slightly out and I let go too late and found myself face down in the shingle.
After picking the shingle out of my face it's time to return to some birding.

Heading towards the beach we bump into Tom, one of the local bird recorders. He tells us it's been very disappointing and nothing of any real note had gone through.
Having to be home today around 1pm we only put in a short sea-watch. The only birds of note being ten Whimbrel, that I somehow missed going through, seven Red-throated Divers a Great Skua, Sandwich and Common Terns and plenty of Common Scoters.
Heading towards the observatory we search the gorse bushes and find them alive with Firecrests. Cracking little birds and a year tick.

Reaching the trapping area, there's more Firecrests in the moat, and we get the chance to see one in the hand and ringed.
The reserve produces the years first Willow Warblers and Yellow Wagtails, with two and five respectively.  A very smart White Wagtail drops in while we are watching the Yellow Wags.

At the feeders in the reserve car park, we find a fox taking advantage of the free food source. Allowing a few shots.


  1. I was there on saturday, surprised at how easy the Firecrest were to find!! Also got Red Throated Diver and saw the pair of magnificent Great White Egrets! 120 for the year so far (first year birding!).
    I really enjoy checking your blog on a monday morning, keep up the good work,

    Adam Commons

    1. Thanks Adam

      The blog was started as a diary, with the intention of it being a reminder to myself of the places visited and the birds seen.
      If others get any enjoyment out of it so much the better.
      Glad you enjoy reading it.
      This being your first year birding means you have so many fantastic birds to see for the first time.
      Hopefully leading to many more years birding ahead of you
      It's a fantastic hobby.