Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Waxwings and Mandarins

Left the house this morning around 7.30am, a quick drive to Albert road Buckhurst Hill to check if any Waxwings had stayed overnight.

No sign of any as I approached the junction, so I pull into the old peoples home car park and turn the car around and head back the way I came.
As I'm waiting in line for the lights to change I notice a flock of birds flying into the large poplar tree right on the traffic lights. As I near the tree I can see that they are quite clearly Waxwings.
The light this morning is very poor at this time of the day so I don't hang around for any photos.(Photo used is a shot Brian took this morning) I let dad know that they were still around and a quick phone call to Brian and he's on his way to take a look.
I continue on towards Fisher's Green, but make a quite detour to Strawberry Hill Pond to see if any Mandarin Duck are present.

The pond is partially frozen, but I can already see a single male Mandarin roosting on the island. Making my way round the pond I find another fifteen tucked in along the back edges.
I take a couple of photo's but the light is really poor. Then there's a big splash and the ducks fly in all directions. 
Some idiot dog walker has decided to throw a big stick into the pond, The stick is quickly followed by the dog and I give up and head for the car.
Before reaching the car I add a Nuthatch and a pair of Goldcrests are also seen.

Onto Fisher's Green where it's really quiet. On the walk down to the weir I find another pair of Goldcrests and a small party of Redwings and Fieldfares but little else of note is seen.
A quick stop at the car for a cuppa and I take a wander round to Longlands Hide.
The blue pheasant is feeding at the bottom of the feeders and the squirrels are out in force and seem in control of the feeders.
There's plenty of Chaffinch feeding among the leaf litter, but no sign of any Brambling among them.

View from Grand Weir hide
Maybe next time.

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