Friday, 7 December 2012

Lee Valley

A late morning visit to Lee Valley today, After waiting for the the early rain to clear I arrived at Hooks Marsh car park at around 11am.

Taking the bridge that crosses Seventy Acres Lake and Hooks Marsh Lake there's no sign of the Smew that were reported from Seventy Acres Lake yesterday.
They may well have relocated to Hooks Marsh Lake which has been a good place to find this species in recent years.
I head across the River Lee and take a walk round North Met Pit. There's no sign of any Goosanders here yet, But I do find a single Goosander tucked in with a group of Tufted Ducks on Ashley Pit.

Goldcrests are seen in good numbers, and a Great Spotted Woodpecker drops in while making my way round to Holyfield Weir. 
While scanning the lake and weir area a Kingfisher zips across the water and heads towards me and lands close by. 

At the Bittern hide there's no sign of any Bitterns, But a Water Rail makes a brief appearance.
After an hour I'm thinking about moving on, when the hide door opens and Brian walks in.

Another hour or so and there's still no sign of a Bittern, but Water Rails are seen several times as 1-2 birds are seen crossing the channels or feeding in the channels.
Grand Weir Hide
Brian gets a brief view of a Kingfisher as it crosses from the far bank to the near bank.

Time to head for home and plan tomorrow's outing.

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