Saturday, 20 October 2012

Great White Egret, Dungeness

Spent a very nice and relaxing few  hours at Dungeness today.
Great White Egret
Started off at the observatory and a wander round the moat area. Plenty of Chiffchaffs seen around this area and a handful of Goldcrests among them.
A Firecrest pops up right in front of dad as he tries to take some photos of the Chiffchaffs. It gives good but brief views.
There's large numbers of Swallows overhead with smaller numbers of House Martins also seen.
Brian having returned from his brief sea watch picks up a female Ring Ouzel in the trapping area, after receiving his phone call we quickly join him and get great views as it sits up on one of the small bushes.
A check of the lighthouse gardens area reveals a female Black Redstart, and the Glaucous Gull is quickly spotted among a small group of Herring, Great Black-backed and lesser Black-backed Gulls. Theres also a Yellow-legged Gull found within this group.
Little Egret
ARC pit is the next stop and Brian finds a Little Stint feeding on one of the small islands, There's large numbers of Golden Plovers and Lapwings present and a female Goldeneye and an eclipse Pintail are spotted.
Crossing the road and heading towards the reserve , We stop to view a feeding party of Tree Sparrows, which is briefly interrupted when a Sparrowhawk tries it's luck at taking one of them.
A Marsh Harrier is seen quartering the fields and is added to the day list.
Reaching the reserve we don't take long to pick up one of the three Great White Egrets reported from here.

After it initially takes off and lands on a distant island, it returns quickly to give great views.

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