Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Arctic Tern, King George V Reservoir

Having checked the latest bird sightings from work, and noting Black Terns reported from King George V Reservoir the previous day I decide to take the short drive to Chingford and see if there's any still present.
Arctic Tern
Fifteen minutes from leaving home I'm in the car park and making my way through the gate and up the slope to view the south basin.
On first sight it looks quiet as it can so often seem at first.
Continuing the walk I stop at the sailing club hut and make use of the bench. There's plenty of Common Tern swooping across the water's surface and a few individuals make use of the buoys.
Scanning the area doesn't produce any Black Terns and it looks like they may have moved on.
Next I scan the jetty's and notice a few of the terns starting to land on them. Closer inspection reveals an Arctic Tern on the jetty with a couple of Common Terns.
I surprisingly still need Arctic Tern for my year list, So although there's no sign of any Black Terns the Arctic is a nice little consolation.
Scanning the near side banks of the reservoir adds three Common Sandpipers and there's large numbers of Pied Wagtails as well.
So a short little trip tonight but a rewarding one with number 237 added for the year.  

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