Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Little Owl, Roding valley

Getting home from work yesterday I'm told that the Little Owl that seems to have taken up residence in the fields behind the house has been seen again. 
So I take a walk over there hoping to grab a few shots. It's quite windy and this proves to be a bad sign as there's no Owls to be seen.
So when I get home tonight and I'm told that they have been on view again throughout the day, I can't resist another walk over to try my luck.
Walking the longer route round trying not to disturb any owls if they are in the favoured tree, Dad scans the tree from a safe distance and after a bit of searching locates an owl perched quite high up amongst the foliage.
Little Owl
Unfortunately we are on the wrong side and looking straight into the sun. So we move round to the other side and try to pinpoint the owl again. It's still in the same spot and not surprisingly turned round to face us.
I manage to grab a couple of shots before it flies towards the larger tree and deeper cover.
We spot it again briefly before it flies deeper into the tree and it's not clear if it's flown straight through or has sought the denser areas of the tree. Either way it's not re-located.
Maybe I will get a chance again tomorrow if the weather is favourable.

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