Thursday, 17 May 2012

A short trip to Bonnie Scotland

Robin's Nest
We land at Glasgow airport a little ahead of schedule, and after a slight problem at the car hire terminal, Where we think at one point we are not going to get a car, We end up with an upgrade to a bigger car which for me is very nice as I will be spending all my travelling time in the back seat.
Only the two and a half hour drive to reach our base at Fort William now ahead of us. The directions are punched into the sat-nav and it's a smooth drive northwards. The rain is lashing down and I'm hoping it's not a sign of things to come. The scenery on the way up is stunning, even through the rain you can still see how beautiful the landscape is.
A quick stop at the local shop in Roy Bridge for directions to our base and it's only a few minutes before we are opening the door to Robin's Nest at Kinchellie Croft. Mountains on one side and green fields on the other, It's a great location.
Hooded Crow
Before we do any un-packing, Brian has already found the first lifer of the trip. A Hooded Crow, It's in the field behind the cabin. It's another ten minutes however before I see it and add it to my life list.
After un-packing, We decide to take a drive around to get our bearings, We end up sitting down for a meal at The Stronlossit Inn. 
An hour and a half later we are heading back up the road when we spot a sign for the "Parallel Roads" of Glen Roy, So we turn left and head along the road. The rain is now intermitent with some brief dry spells and heavy rain at others. On the drive to the view point there seems to be Wheatears everywhere. The "Parallel Roads" are lines left on the shoreline through wave action of a huge loch some 10,000 years ago, and these lines were left after the water levels dropped. 
We retrace our route and head back to the A82 at Lochaber, As we approach a bend in the road Brian spots a Black Grouse flying over the top of the roadside trees. we get lucky as there's a spot we can safely park the car and walk back to where we think it's gone down. At first there's no sign, but after another five minutes of scanning we pick out four birds on the grass ridge. All four are males and we get great views before they disappear from sight.
It's shortly after 9.30pm and the light is fading, So we call it a day and head back to the cabin.
The first day draws to a close, I've got  two birds newly added to my life list, Happy and slightly tired, I head for my bed. I'm already looking forward to the morning and it won't be a long sleep.

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